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when they begin i think. tanks. full tank has been several months in a hangar to test its performance and refresh his own driving skills he goes for a test drive. to his family and goes for a practice run in the main arena together with one of his crew members. this will be center stage. and a tank range to demonstrate equipment and weapons. the busy time table of the russian reactors euro trip. only a few stops in the most important places connected with the war one of them is the breast fortress on the polish border. the german plan to conquer it in the first
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hours of the war. garrison demonstrated outstanding bravery and resilience. having found themselves behind the advancing german troops the defenders fought bitterly for nearly a month most of the metal heroes death. story became a legend. kerry are. beltran has seen the start of a training program for newcomers to the desert platoon living history group they are now meticulously reenacting scottish infantry units who fought in north africa in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine to forty three. using the renowned bren gun carrier armored vehicles. the club members but the biggest emphasis on the atmosphere in the camp and pay strict attention to the everyday life of
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a soldier from that time. yeah they. do want to be accurate and we do want to be serious but not over serious because we are paying respect to the people who were in the desert war we actually are living history group rather than a reenactment group what we do is we try and show. the public how crude tried to live a normal life in an abnormal situation and during the war but i think the nazi uniforms i think the japanese uniforms i don't think the time is now i think when all our veterans are are away then i think yeah i believe that we should be doing or showing uniforms that make them suffer.
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germany greets the russian convoy with gloomy weather and cold rain. the driver swap over every few hours to meet the shuttle and arrive in time for the meeting in the old sanctioned town of torgau. here on april twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred five soviet an american troops met and embraced each other as brothers. this a ventilator became known as. history is full of curious paradoxes and today the descendants of russian soldiers are once again reunited with their friends at the river elbe. but this time the ones in allied uniforms the germans from a military reenactment society it's possible their own grandfathers fought on the eastern front. these men who proudly wear the uniform of the allies. next to history but also keep the soul of a common world war two soldier alive. the
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russian isn't coming to the unpeaceful two handed throughout the year the division has been working on the restoration of two soviet era vehicles into a an army motorcycle and their pride and joy the famous way this truck was often used during wartime and now they're showing it off to all of europe. to be alive we want people to see them that's how we can commemorate those who used to drive them. away as a copy of the full model double we're taking this to great britain on purpose there's no such cause they're. the symbol of the second world war. three. continental europe is now behind them and people standing in the queue for the ferry across the english channel can hardly believe that
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a bunch of mad russians has managed to make it all the way here from moscow with every minute new military vehicles arrive it's beginning to seem as though everyone in europe has put on a uniform and is heading for england. across the water is the port of dover and from there the festival site is close at hand. life in the military camp doesn't just revolve around hardship. having left behind the battlefield many managed to find the strength to change into dress. uniform. wearing glamorous period clothing the ladies are also invited out to a night of swing and joint music. this marquee with a dance floor is perfect as people see the same way their grandparents did. the british band to join basis kicks off.
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i think the music that we play on the music of the voters is coming back now because. a lot of people find it here the young people think it's near the old people remember it but i think also people are getting fed up of just. you know electric pop music and also somebody suggested that and the third jazz swing and music came out of her depression. and the world now there's a lot of you know economical problems so maybe people are looking for the same sort of entertainment to cheer them up and that's what we try and bring some sunshine.
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finally the russian convoy drives into the camp. heavily laden vehicles desperately . good through much by tanks. members of the international club of soviet paratroopers in afghanistan who rushed to help them but their combined efforts don't help. so the commander of the second army tank has to use his all terrain vehicle as a last resort. help they drive into the water logged field where the travelers face another challenge they're setting up army tents. it doesn't go
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so well at first their fathers and grandfathers were far more adept at risk during the war but the overwhelming desire for sleep gives them a boost before sunrise the camp is finally set up and all the members of the russian reenactment group a fast asleep. sigrid laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot fortunately. in about anything tim's mission to teach me. about humans and. this is why you should care only. wealthy british style holds in. the. markets why not.
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happening to the global economy. the war and peace show in england is in full swing russian military react as of. two accordions to entertain the troops. with the first chords of the famous beatles song people begin to gather around the full tank a rumor that the russians had brought a ballet company to spread around the camp. of the war and peace show there's always somebody taking pictures or video of what's going on they may use modern cell phones or even an original hand crank camera. this camp is a rare place where the combination of eccentric people and historic military hardware can be found many of those in attendance lead normal lives but once
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a year after thorough preparations they come here to fulfill their childhood dreams can take on the real proud tank driver or a brave paratrooper for a week. whatever their age. old ways of that choice. i don't. know from the division designs to pay a courtesy visit to his paratrooper neighbors the retired colonel has not talked to young soldiers especially recruits from western europe for quite some time. line is that. but some of the military formalities get a little lost in translation good day comrades right back oh yeah this is invincible. but when it comes to the reality of fighting with bennett's everything becomes clear without words. what i did not reach
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you to white on the mark. turning around three i did it got it you see one attempt out of three sure to be successful i'm coming to you but i want. to. turning around three. you will not get away from me to lay. the bank you for your service. there are different attitudes towards the events in afghanistan one thing is certain it's a bright day in the history of our army it's associated with heroism and courage of our soldiers and officers and it is worthy of reenactment so when the guys reconstruct the events of that time let's go fascinating over and very worthwhile. living conditions at the main camp somewhat spartan. from the group just ordinary men have totally embraced the mood they've set up their camp in the dark and damp
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woods to try to recreate the water conditions as closely as possible. here they are the history of the first squadron of the british army they took part in the famous operation of september nine hundred forty four when more than fifteen thousand soldiers were killed or taken prisoner. in the world series just. because in holland it's very wooded surrounding. it's perfect for. the. british paratroopers are at full combat readiness very soon they'll head for the
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central arena to encounter the enemy. division of the very marked. for. just wearing a uniform probably. weapons correctly. the spirit of a soldier it is. the memory of soldiers who never returned from war. british colleagues a multinational team of reactors arrived at the memorial at holy trinity church pack and. shout. as we. age shall not weary them nor the years. at the going down of the sun and. we will remember. that.
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begins according to the national preferences of each participant the french wine and hang out with women the british make tea while americans drink coca-cola. while the german camp holds a morning combat training session. soldiers practice the delivery of wounded soldiers to a field hospital and provide first aid to someone suffering from massive blood loss . of this unit are british. being a member of the club requires not only the ability to wear a uniform properly and reenact german life at the front line but also to have a knowledge of how to handle equipment but this is why commander neil robinson is
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especially hard on recruits who are at the show for the first time these things very needle himself is an enthusiastic reactor disconnect his father fought against the germans in the navy but never met them face to face just after the role his father began collecting german army memorabilia to get to live his former enemy better meyer technique that his son now continues to hold. it's quite often that. people attempt to politicize people attempt to to think that the reason why we do this is because somehow we are neo nazis or somehow we have right wing far right off i left wing leanings these things are not true war is a terrible thing this is why it's called war not having snoozy one time terrible things happening terrible thing war in itself is a crime against humanity and it is monsoon always to forget. the sacrifices that were made by people you know uniforms in walk. just looks at the movies
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the movies the americans won the war. the russian people. seventy five percent almost all casualties in the east maybe it's time people recognized that maybe seventy five percent of the effort. was committed by the recent people and not be americans.
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so the contemporary historical hobby has nothing to do with ideology it blurs the boundaries between former enemies and allows people to better understand history and not to repeat the mistakes of the past however not everyone shares this opinion but. to me. it's in your back in your mind is the enemy you know. you have the phailin. food if. and you don't want to approach it's a uniform they said with us in the army when you're so low you do not salute a person. and that's what we're then they still got us i mean of all. how did the enemy and i really but the person is what.
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finally the day of the great battle comes british paratroopers will face off against democrat units. this battle arouses huge interest even comrade stalin joined crew to watch the encounter from his all terrain vehicle. at last the first shots ring out. according to the battle scenario british paratroopers kicked the germans out of a small dutch town and quickly took up defensive positions. british intelligence then revealed to the enemy was sending large numbers of infantry troops and tanks to take back the town they don't. unnecessary bloodshed the. negotiators to the town. of surrender. the. british paratroopers fierce fighting erupted again the best german troops launched an attack of their own. superior german. the british inflicted
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heavy casualties. on the strength of british troops began to fade as german units flooded in then all of a sudden the sound of bagpipes rang out of the exploding shells. paying attention to the bullets whistling overhead and calmly walked across the battlefield. exhausted soldiers. it's possible the organizers of this show wanted to pay tribute to the legendary piper. sixty nine hundred forty four. from his commander on the beaches of normandy. soldiers fighting on the battlefield. pointed out that this was an english regulations. that he and scottish. didn't apply. the break as he played through the whole battle. because they
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thought he was mad. scottish bagpipe still retain their place as a weapon that can change the course of combat. all the last night show comes to a close members of the british team reenacting the second tank design to give their russian friends from real surprise they've translated the famous wartime song into english and to sing it for the first time. for many years a symbol of soviet victory the song might just become an anthem for the jews reenacting the history of the second world.
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this week's top stories on our team turkey's stab at military intervention in syria gets the cold shoulder a new u.n. peace envoy arguing no such interferences would make a cease fire possible. of course of support for iran peaceful nuclear program as a country destroys any notion that's been politically isolated by the u.s. with its hosting of a massive international summit. the republicans freshly nominated presidential candidate mitt romney's problem is probably the hardline stance against russia but faces criticism for flip flopping on the major issue. and the war of the wealthy romana remortgage just as that's really been the back legal attempt by
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london based like bluebottles but it was to cut off a slice of this multi-billion dollar fortune. there was a large teaser of the weekly with me to bomb would say first up the most open push she had for military intervention in syria came this week proposed by turkey with backing from both britain and france a proposal that you want to stab the strength of refugee camps on syrian soil which would be guarded and protected by foreign forces by no one but that idea has a dead end of the security council prompting britain and france to hint they might sidestep the un altogether meanwhile the new international envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi warned that any military intervention would be the death of peace efforts professor paul sheldon food from california state university says that for some
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it's not about ending the violence. that's a pretext it's still another way to divide and take over the country using the united nations as your vehicle that playbook worked in libya they want to try the same playbook and do it doesn't work anymore well there is no desire. at the west nato to have a negotiated settlement the old purpose of this exercise is to make sure that there is no competition in the middle east or pipeline such as syria iran and other places i think that people in the west to be very happy that ended up with a massive civil war and a breakup of their country and a lack of competition a lifeline so they claim that they care one bit about humanitarian concerns as it is a gross war. team or bomb blasts have had damascus going off almost simultaneously near the headquarters of the joint chief of staff say t.v. says four people were injured in the explosions the number of bomb attacks that these are some of which have been claimed by al qaida have grown shopping in recent
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months they said to be selling panic among residents of the capital and across the country fueling further the exodus of refugees but as artie's policy of report what they find when they skate often make them wish they'd never left. exhausted and drained there's not much for these refugees to do besides swelter under the school chin desert sun children from the vine and speck home in syria they walked for days in the heat to get here and so they come in numbers and under the wire not one person here has gone through the official border as in state depending on the level of violence in syria as many as a thousand people each day a feeling across into jordan they're picked up from the border by the jordanian police and brought here to the scamp. and now a man doesn't know what to do with them the country is struggling with few natural resources little water and is in need of foreign aid they're growing number is
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putting pressure on in a way the refugee way republic we can close the border on the faces of the refugees we have to help them syria is like a sister to jordan i'm king abdullah president assad with friends now king is in a very difficult situation goes on there has a direct impact on what has. relations between a man in damascus are already strained a number of defected soldiers and senior officers are being sheltered in the kingdom the most high profile refugee was the prime minister riyad hitch up who fled to turkey through jordan earlier this month and then that the tribes who fearing massive amounts of weapons ammunition and sniper rifles to syria from jordan saudi arabia is promising economic assistance in exchange for months cooperation but it could backfire. if there is regime change in syria and the extremists come to power this will make problems for jordan where we have our own extremists far more flexible. and so now jordan faces the backlash of
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a conflict which some in the country have helped escalate meanwhile more than one hundred fifty thousand refugees remain stuck on its borders and what's supposed to be a safe enclave but where food is hard to come by toilets case and not enough tends to go around leaving some to the mercy of harsh desert conditions. the atmosphere here is so so bad you die quickly but here we are dying a slow death i wish now i never left to come here. jordan narrowly escaped a wave of uprisings that swept the arab world it says it's getting reforms in place bash caught between both sides it might not be enough to stop the serious shockwave however that conflict in policy r.t. the artery refugee camp on the jordanian syrian border. where the pressure on syria piling up front is increasingly being seen as the leader of the west's effort against assad but director of the french center for intelligence studies eric
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denise as the french policy is on syria depend on a steady stream of one sided reporting i would say we don't truly foreign policy for the time being i mean the mainstream in paris is in motion everything is about emotion we are absolutely under the disinformation of the movies of the. c.n.n. or. the people who are reacting only with emotion we don't doubt the least good reflection about geopolitics and the but the mood we have. in the middle east even if the political leaders of change you know a few months ago most of the policy at the scene with most of the diplomatic teams are of the same looks like a frenzy is now the new luxury of the u.s. like the u.k. has always been this is where the operation is good between u.k. u.s. and france because we are doing their policy. selective reporting however isn't just limited to france earlier this week there was another big.


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